Shadetree Radio Repair

I spent a delightful few years living and working in a 24-foot long, vintage Airstream trailer. This meant that whenever I wanted to eat or sleep I needed to unplug my radio test gear, then stow it along with my project(s), tools and supplies. The views and tranquility were worth the inconvenience and contortions, but now I have upsized.

Living in a "real" home, I am lucky enough to finally have three workspaces -- an electronics bench, a traditional "hammer and saw" bench, and a radio cleaning and polishing space, complete with a sink and supply storage cabinets.

As you will see if you follow the links below, earlier I used vintage test gear but have moved on to more contemporary stuff such as digital signal generators, a computer-based oscilloscope and more. Fine-tuning the workspace is part of the fun for me. You might enjoy that too. Here are the relevant topics: