Over the years I have collected thousands of electronics documents detailing early transistor radios, test equipment and other collectible devices. I am slowly making sharp, clean PDF copies of as many of these as time permits. You can download many for free, and I charge what I think is a reasonable fee for others. The goal is to have the fees cover my costs. Click the links below to see what's available today, and let me know what you would like me to add next.

Click Here for Downloadable PDF Service Documents

Items include Sams Photofacts, pages from the Most Often Needed book series and complete service manuals from manufactures such as Sony, Philco, Zenith and others. When the publisher printed in color I made full color scans of these. They are essential for electronics restoration, and a big help when you want to get a set playing again.

Vintage How-to Books

Downloads here include scans of early how-to books written by once-famous technical writers. They describe radio theory, troubleshooting and repair. Other documents are more contemporary, but discuss topics of interest to anyone who collects and restores mid-century electronic devices. There's even a downloadable book illustrating hundreds of model-specific radio dial string repairs.

Free Stuff

Last, but not least there is a growing selection of free downloadables. Perhaps the most valuable might be the compilation of Sams PhotoFacts Techniques in Servicing Transistor Circuits articles. There will be more free stuff to come as time permits.