The band FreeHere are some free downloads that I hope you find useful. If you have other transistor radio documents that you would like to donate to the community, please let me know, and we can discuss how to pass them along to me.

Sams Photofacts TSM Volumes 1-100 Index

This index will help you quickly locate which TSM volume has the model or chassis that you want to repair. It also includes starting page numbers. Printable and searchable with most PDF viewers


Eveready Battery Data and Reference Guide

Here is a free, and incredibly useful workbench companion. It lists the Eveready battery specifications, part numbers and a competitive part number cross reference for virtually all mid-century portable radios. But I think the best part is a very comprehensive list of radio models by manufacturer and the batteries they require. Priceless, and free to download.


Sams PhotoFacts Techniques in Servicing Transistor Circuits

This was originally a ten-part series of articles spread over the first ten Transistor Service Manual (TSM) books. They were designed to get experienced tube service techs up-to-speed as transistor radios invaded their turf. The content will be helpful to anyone wanting to learn beginners, intermediate and advanced transistor radio repair techniques.

I've scanned, then cleaned-up and combined all ten articles into one PDF file. It's a great resource for beginners and experienced techs too. Oh. And it's free!