Leather Cases and Handles

Many vintage radios came with removeable leather cases designed to protect plastic and metal radio skins. Quite a few died in the process of doing just that.

Covered with paint, stitches missing, frayed or torn handles, worn gold lettering, broken hinges, missing snaps. All in the name of protection.

Other radios were made with leather cases as their exterior, like this beautiful fifties RCA set. Many sets--even the otherwise all-metal ones had leather carry straps, giving them an expensive appearance.

The condition of the leather on any collectible set can make a huge difference in the appearance and value of the radios they adorn.

This section of the site provides insights into leather cleaning techniques. It also shows how to repair damaged and missing stitching. Finally, you will learn ways to make your own replacement handles, tabs, hinges and other missing leather parts.

Topics include:

  • Cleaning and Conditioning Leather
  • Replacing Leather
  • Stitching Leather

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