If you have ever wanted collect, restore and enjoy vintage transistor radios, tape recorders, portable televisions, HAM gear and test equipment, welcome! This site contains tips and beginners' and advanced techniques for evaluating, cleaning, troubleshooting, repairing and displaying vintage electronic devices. Learn how to determine the age of collectibles.

See how to replace the electrolytic capacitors that are failing in most mid-century radios. Recapping is a critical skill if you want your old radios to play to their full potential. There is even an illustrated, step-by-step recap example.

We will explore ways to trace signals, identify and test vintage transistors, examine printed circuit boards and evaluate other components. Lean how to read schematics too.

I've included information on cleaning and polishing metal radio parts. You will be introduced to step-by-step plastic repair techniques and see how to polish them. There are numerous "before and after" photos.

I've shared some of my experiences as a vintage electronics collector here too, with tips for buying and selling radios, vintage documentation and more.  There's a fun section that traces the evolution of radio technology.

Tips and Tricks

Click below to get smart. See plastic and metal restoration techniques, workspace ideas, recap tricks to make radios play again, troubleshooting procedures, alignment steps, test point locations, and more.

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